What bags do you travel with? Here’s what I use:

In Episode 4 of my IGTV, I show you some of the gear I use to travel. Here is a more extensive post about what each one is and where you can buy some of them. These do have affiliate links and are posted at no additional cost to you if you chose to buy them directly.

The first thing is I did attempt to be a flight attendant when living in Chicago however it wasn’t my thing. There was something that seems to not work out well enough in regards to me over thinking some of the tasks. The lifestyle is very intense and sporadic which I prefer a little more stability.

I did discover a lot of my other flight attendant contacts used Travel Pro suitcases for their carry-on. You can purchase this one here. I prefer the one that had two wheels instead of 4 however you can use the four if that’s your thing.

One of the things I use every single trip is my packing cubes. They are fantastic for organizing your stuff as well as separating your clean from dirty. If you have a spouse or significant other and only want to take one carry on you can also pack each of yours in separate cubes. I purchased these exact ones off of Amazon in 2016 and had not stopped using them since. They are durable and instrumental.

The other parts of the video I show are my Vera Bradley bag set in black. Color is fantastic however black is very good for traveling. It doesn’t get as dirty, and you don’t have to worry about it going out of style. A lot of the patterns look tacky years later. The black is super classic, and you can use it both for leisure or business trips. Here are all of the bags I that I could find online that I purchased.


My mom and I are from Brazil. Whenever my mom visits Brazil, she ends up bringing me back some Havaianas product. Typically it’s sandals however the last time she brought me something back it was this little wristlet which is perfect for the beach or pool.


What do you travel with?

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