What am I dumb at?

I have a habit of going to work early to see if it’s crowded and if it is I’ll jump into work early. Other times if it’s dead I’ll be like okay guess I’ll hit up the bookstore before work. I ended up going to the bookstore near by and stopped in the clearance section first, a typical move in my shopping experience. Nothing really popped out to me but these cute little fruit erasers I kept seeing every time I visited. They were 75% off so I was like why not and bought them. I also ended up getting a notebook. 

What’s the deal with writers and notebooks? There is just something so magical about picking up an empty book. I have hundreds of notebooks of different sizes and shapes. It feels like each of them is an endless amount of possibilities. You can put whatever you want in the notebook. Imagine all the great things that first came into existence in the universe with a pen and paper or even pencil. 

I thought it was going to be a busy day. I had 10 booked appointments and there wasn’t really anybody in the dealership for the entire morning. We were out of candy so I went with my coworker to a dollar store and bought an assortment. I also got these little toy cars and duck tape which I used to make “car pens” so people wouldn’t steal them. Everybody liked them and said they will more than likely get stolen because they look so cool. 

When I got back to the dealership it was still empty so I ended up reorganizing the kid section. Today my manager said that it’s the best kid section he’s seen. I took that as a compliment as since I got there I added a bunch of toys for kids to play with. I buy them with my own money because it keeps them entertained and frankly I like buying toys. If I go thrifting I pick them up when I’m there. They are mostly hard toys that can be washed, nothing like plush toys because they aren’t easily cleaned. 

I noticed today how many freaking magazines we have. They’ve been there for years. I should try to see what the oldest magazine we have is. I thought to myself who is even reading these? I guess some people would if they are bored or something. I grabbed a magazine and decided that my new notebook would be a tape hodge book. The first time I did a mix media book was in a 2D design class. The professor had us buy a used book and use it to create art on it. Literally pick random things paste it to the book and it becomes cool. I already have one I started years ago it’s a Star Wars one. 

Of course the day I want to start cutting and pasting at work on my lunch break we get slammed. Most of the time I don’t take a lunch but today I felt extra creative and after I am done writing this I will start to continue to design this book. I should know better because any time I go to take a break somebody grabs me to do something. If I really want to escape I hide in my car and even then people will find me. There’s no such thing as a break at my job. 

Today I was able to sell one car and ended up having about four put on reservation for pick ups early next week. It’s a huge pipeline. This once again goes back to my post from yesterday about patience. Normal me would be freaking out because I’m only at 2 cars for the month. It’s an insanely low number for me. To the point that my buddy a manager at another dealership (same company) checked in to see if I was okay. I explained that I took some days off and I’ve been in the middle of training all week. I should catch up shortly. 

We have a contest right now and the awesome part is that both of the sales were points counted toward the contest. One of the prizes is theme park tickets. I REALLY WANT TO WIN THOSE! Yes, I am screaming. I will end up getting Disney tickets for my husband and I if I win. We are already Universal Passholders and visit there often. Free tickets would be clutch. There is another cash prize which I would also be happy with. I mean even if I win one of the other prizes I’ll still be grateful.

Right now I am listening to Pavement’s Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain. I freaking love Pavement. In my senior year of high school my mom was transferred to San Francisco from Miami and I was starting college so I would visit often. One trip I took the train to Haight and Ashbury where I went into Amoeba music store. Back then there was a ton of very good music and I saw an employee recommendation section that had Pavement featured there. I totally bought one after listening to it for a couple seconds on the samplers. I listened to them so much and it brings me back every time. The Bay Area was always so good to me. I think a lot of my taste in music came from the train rides from Burlingame into the city. I was about to start to list some of my favorite songs from the album but then realized I had 4-5 on here. Then I’m like um maybe I’ll just say I love this band. 

Top 3 Things I’ve Pondered Today:

  1. How can I bring more value to people through content and creativity? 
  2. The fortune cookie I got today saying “Half of being smart is knowing what you are dumb about,” and wondering, What am I dumb about?
  3. How can I focus more on separating my concepts and projects?