How can I switch my negative thinking into positive thinking?

Today I worked from 10 AM until 9 PM. It’s around 9:30 PM as I start to type this. I’m pretty beat right now and not fully in the mood to be writing but I made a commitment to myself and will do so. I haven’t really had a chance to take a breath today. When I tried to grab a bite to eat I was in the middle of sales. 

I am in the middle of training somebody for my current position and training to my promotion at the same time. This month started off super slow for me as far as sales are concern however I have a heavy pipeline as I mentioned before. Today was an example of patience as I have previously mentioned. 

This morning I had an appointment scheduled with a lady looking to purchase and ended up coming in two hours early to help her buy. She bought. Then I sold another two cars once of them I split with a coworker. It was an intense day, however a hat trick, a term to describe closing three car sales in one day, on a Monday is a big deal. Usually my hat trick days are on Saturday. 

Before work I posted a video asking my Instagram followers to support the project if they are interested. We were able to gain an additional 2% funds towards are goal. That is awesome progress is always a great thing. 

3 things I pondered today: 

  1. How can I switch my negative thinking into positive thinking?
  2. What can I do to get more people to support my project? 
  3. What happens if I go beyond my goal? 

Sometimes I get caught up being negative and I need to step back and try to figure out how I can focus back into my positive thinking. Negativity sometimes seems much easier to get caught up into. Today I spent time trying to see what I could do to flip in positivity. One of things I have been really bad about is thinking what I would do if the project isn’t funded. Instead today I spent time thinking about what would happen if I hit my goal. I also started thinking about stretch goals. 

What happens if I go beyond my goal? Thinking about something as if you already had it is a form of positive thinking. I was toying with the idea. I already promised that if the funding reached 100% there would be another vinyl record give away. What about over 100%? There were a few ideas that came to mind. I don’t want to give away my whole deck of cards but I have been toying with the idea of more comic book either longer story or more comics books to go with the first story. 

Yesterday I mentioned how I am not the best at marketing. I do think it is something I need to work on. One of the things that I also need to work on is asking for the support. When I am selling cars it’s super easy for me to ask people if they want to buy the car. It’s simple. Do you want to buy this car? Yes or no. If it’s a no, let’s go back to the drawing board and see what we can find you. Why is this so much easier to do in person than on the internet? I think this project might get funded however it’s going to be a slower process than the typical Kickstarter. 

Part of the reason is because this is a very specific niche project. Not everybody is going to be in it and that’s okay. This isn’t for everybody. It’s for a select few. The people who “get it.” I’m not doing this to become a millionaire. I am doing this because I like it, I wish it existed in the market, and there is not enough comic books available for children and adults that are non-violent.