Why do people call it luck when you bust your butt to do it?

The last two days at work have been very fruitful. It once again proves my previous post about patience. I started off the month behind everybody.  It’s now the 11th and in two days of work I have passed everybody. How does that happen? 

A lot of the reason that happens is because at work I realize that it’s not a sprint it’s a marathon. The other thing is I am going on my second year of doing this. Today I sold a car to a customer who was a car sales person themselves. To me this is a highly difficult thing to do. As a car sales person they could have gone anywhere including their own job to get a car but they decided to come to me. 

This specific person I had worked with a year ago and they did not buy. They weren’t ready. Once they were ready and the right car came along they bought from me. Some seeds we plant take longer to grow than others. What makes this interesting is the person who I helped told me that I was a natural sales person. He said that I was born with it. 

I’m not sure what he meant by that however I know it was a compliment. My sales I guess is very laid back. A person comes in tells me what they are looking for and I try to find it for them. I don’t really talk to people much when they are buying a car. I know that sounds counter productive but the cars somewhat sell themselves. I am just hanging out. I guess that’s what separates me from some of the other sales people. I love being around people and I love helping people. That’s what I do. 

Today was another reminder that just because somebody didn’t buy from you today doesn’t mean that they aren’t going to in the future. This was a very interesting way to see things in a positive light. I tried to relate this to my project. 

I do not know anybody’s financial situation however I do know that some people may be required to hold off before they can buy for a product. It’s not that they don’t want it. It’s that it might not work for their lifestyle at that moment. It was similar to my car sale today. The first time he came to me he wasn’t ready for whatever the case may be. Later on a year later in fact he was ready. He came in, knew exactly what he wanted, and bought. It seemed to be super simple. 

It’s not the first time this has happened either. I have had many customers come back later when they were in a position to move forward. With my project I am trying to consider this the same way. If the project does get funded there is a chance that their might be some people who couldn’t buy at the time of the Kickstarter however would if it was at a different time. 

There is a quote I love that says “luck” is that magical moment when opportunity meets preparation. This week is a great example of that. In the last 24 hours I have sold 5 cars. That’s very difficult to do. I didn’t get lucky to sell these 5 cars. They were worked for a long time. It goes back to the seed planting. I’d like to think that is the same situation with art projects as well. 

Once in a while an artist will have that “lucky” break. It’s not really luck. It’s almost like we shouldn’t even call it that because it belittles the work that people do to get that far. For a project to make it, it requires years and years of honing in on your craft. 

Things I pondered today: 

  1. Why do people call it luck when you bust your butt to do it? 
  2. What seeds have I planted today that will harvest in the future? 
  3. How can I use these art tapes to make them into usable tapes? 

The last part today I received a package I forgot I ordered. My husband texted me because our video camera alerted him there was a delivery. At first I thought it was a book I ordered because I did in fact order a used book online. It’s $30 new and I could get it for less than $10 used so it seemed like the most logical thing to do. The package was cassette tapes. I totally forgot about it. 

I ordered a ton of “art” cassettes. They were cassettes that the ribbon was all ripped and considered unusable. What I did was notice that a lot of the cassette shells seem to be in perfect condition, the issue was the tape inside. I decided to take the tape apart and see if I could use a known good tape to swap the insides with these art tapes. The art tapes look way the heck cooler. Also I should mention that I did get about 20 blank 30 min tapes of assorted colors. 

Some of the colors were nice some of them were plain. I did an experiment and already swapped out one for this beautiful blue colored tape that should have been an “art” tape. Needless to say upon finishing this blog post I will be creating a 30 minute experimental album with a soul purpose of making the blue tape. I might make it water themed. I’m feeling kind of weird tonight and I’m off for most of the day tomorrow which means things are going to get weird and awesome.