Water Twerks

It’s been about 24 hours and I have officially created an album in that time frame and it was themed on water. There are only 4 available. I have one for myself and already sold one to a friend in Europe so now there are only 2 available world wide.  

It’s kind of cool because I wasn’t sure if this would work. I got about 20 cassettes that were good and working with exactly 20 minutes on them. I also had about 40 or so “art” cassettes which were cassettes considered unplayable. When I looked at them closer I realized all of them were screw tapes so I could easily use the insides of the “good” tapes and swap the shells of the “bad” tapes. The “bad” ones were more of the colors I wanted so it was a trial and error kind of a situation. 

The cool part is all the tapes I made worked. They recorded perfectly. I’ve played them over and over multiple times and there wasn’t an issue. The music was very interesting to do. Ironically I spent the entire day waiting for people to come in and fix my water pump. It was a very frustrating day as far as that is concerned.

I had pretty high level of anxiety from the household stuff and being ripped off by a repair company. There was a lot of frustration and more appliances broken. I didn’t have lunch and it was a mess. I guess the silver lining is that I was stuck in the house all day and created an album with my frustrated energy. 

At one point I started rearranging a song and added some tones that completely triggered me. It literally brought me back to this moment in California and all levels of intense emotions came up. I have no idea what or why that happened. I had never heard this song before because I just created it or perhaps it shared tones from a previous time in life. I have no idea. All I know is that it brought back a dark past so I  immediately took parts of that track apart and now I am unsure which song it was that actually caused those emotions to pop up. 

I had to run into work today to help close a deal. The person was scheduled to come in last night and didn’t. Thankfully I had a heads up that they came in and went over to finish everything up for them. The person really appreciated it which was awesome. I like to be able to help when I can. 

At this point the album was already done so it was good to step away for a moment. I did some errands and then came back to finish up. Made an album cover and started to upload it to Bandcamp. I am so bad at file formats for uploading. I spent a solid hour trying to figure it out. I guess what had happened was that I made the layers too complex that there were more than 6 channels and it bugged out. Who knows! 

Things I pondered today: 

  1. What can be done in 24 hours? 
  2. How can I look at things differently to see treasure in trash? 
  3. What adventures will I go on when my friend is in town? 

Today was great creatively speaking. I am really happy with the Water Twerks album. It is super similar to my last album Space Cadette but still different. Also this is the first time that I separated my projects and did not include a comic with this tape. It’s just the tape by itself. It felt good and it allowed me to focus more on the actual music. 

Talk to my good friend who is visiting at the end of the month. I am excited to see what type of fun we will have. It will be nice to clear my mind. This month has been a rollercoaster.