What do you want to do?

3 Things I Pondered Today: 

  1. What do you want to do? 
  2. How are you? 
  3. How can you recharge more? 

Today was kind of a deep day of thought for me today. I was day dreaming a lot while doing the things I had to get done. It was to the point where I was waiting for a customer’s phone to load information, I started drawing little circles all connecting to each other. That’ something I randomly do when I am in this moment of just in the moment of drawing. My customer was like I do that all the time at work. I’m said wow didn’t even realize I was doing that. It’s always bubbles. 

I started thinking more and more of what I want to do. What do you want to do? What? Over and over again. I think I know what I want to do but it’s like how do I get to do that while still making enough to support me doing said stuff. If it were up to me I would just make music, art, go to theme parks whenever I want, thrift, and hang out in the pool. These are things I’ve always loved since being a kid.

Almost all the time I listen to people I look up to while doing tasks like driving, cleaning, even doing art. While I am doing these things I learn a lot and it makes the time go faster. I keep hearing the same thing over and over again from almost all my favorite people and it’s so simple yet hard to do in practice. It points every time to patience. 

Eventually we get to do what we want. I have to keep doing what I do and eventually at some point I will be able to do what I want to do. This past yer I have released two albums which I plan to put online the entire album for free for people to listen to. I think this will help with my Kickstarter. 

That project has been very difficult for me because it took a lot for me to post it up and there tends to be a kind of very slow progress, which points back to the patience. In this entire thing I looked up more information on a musician local to the Austin area that I really look up to. 

That artist is Daniel Johnston. He has a famous mural that says “Hi, How are you?” which is also the name of a nonprofit created with the similar name. He is a musician and artist that is known as an innovator in lo-fi music. I’m particularly fascinated by his work because I have struggled with a couple of similar things he has as well coped with.

I learned today that he had created a comic book and soundtrack Space Ducks. I really need this book and will be buying it soon. This is very similar to what I am trying to accomplish although from everything I’ve seen online it’s definitely adult themed and not really for kids. I’ve already started listening to the soundtrack on it’s own which was nice however once again my project would be different as I am more into instrumental songs. I’m not comparing the two but it was more exciting to see that another musician created a comic book and soundtrack. There was also an app that you can download with it which I will need to check out. 

I recently explained some of my ideas that I have about having mixed reality. There is a strong feeling I have about virtual reality being the next big thing and a lot of my ideas mix analog music with digital and eventually virtual and augmented reality. The projects I have in mind are far too advanced for this time but in a few years it will be more normal when the technology is more accessible. 

A perfect example of this is with 3D printing. When I lived in Florida the local library had a 3D printer that residence could print one project per week on. I became friends with the guy who ran that section and he helped me create a zoetrope that you would put onto of a spinning record. Another thing I learned a lot of about 3D printing because I’d just hang out at the library and was fascinated by it. Mind you I was an adult not a kid when I was doing this but it wasn’t a kid section or anything it was for the entire community. 

When I was researching more on 3D printers I learned that there was a programer who had a way to code sound into grooves for a 3D printer record. My idea which wasn’t able to be done because I realized that not everybody has access to a 3D printer. To make a long story short it involved 3D Printer projects that members of Secret Vinyl Club would receive in order for them to complete tasks. 

I have a lot of ideas about augmented reality as well using similar concepts of mixed reality with vinyl records. Anyway back to the point of Daniel Johnston, his comic book and soundtrack was released in 2010 and he has been making music actively since the 1980s. Literally years before that became a thing. It also took years for him to have a documentary made about him. 

Once again going back to patience and that concept of waiting out and eventually being able to do what you love. For now I will continue to sell cars and show up each day. At home and night continue to make my music and weird art then swim in the pool to recharge. I will continue to use my PTO to visit theme parks my favorite entry way to imagination. 

I would consider myself pretty extroverted at times however today I really felt overly introverted. It seemed like every time I talk to somebody I just needed to get away to be by myself and recharge. It was a little overwhelming today. As I got home I was able to recharge a little and am writing this now which is another recharge. It might have been part of the reasons I spaced out and started drawing bubbles. 

After this I posts online I will be recharging with some alone time.