What is your day by day goal?

3 Things I Pondered Today: 

  1. What is your day by day goal? 
  2. What do you spend money on that is not normal to others but is very important to you? 
  3. How can you spend less money on things that don’t matter to you? 

One day at a time, a very simple words yet very complex to do. My goal daily at work is to sell one car. If I sell more than one it’s awesome. If I sell less than one I know the next day I have to sell two. That is something that is very obtainable. I focus on the day at work. That might be why I am good at the day to day of my job. 

I thought to myself how can I make a day to day goal for my creative life. Lately I have been doing a day to day goal which is I write a blog post a day. If I can write more, awesome. If I can make a video, awesome. The key for me is to write one post a day. Today I am going to write an additional article to put on LinkedIn about the one a day rule of thumb. My one post a day is the same as my one car a day outside of the dealership. 

Yesterday out of curiosity I typed my income into an income calculator at work. It’s always astonishing to look at. This year at the half way point of 2019 I am at my full year income of 2018. I thought to myself how amazing is it that I have already passed my income from last year. Same job, same base pay, way more skill and book of business selling record high personal goals of cars. With that I also thought to myself where is my income going? A lot of it goes into paying off as much debt as I can the other part goes to traveling with my husband and finally for my music. 

I spend a lot of money on music. Cassette tapes cost a lot after a while and records are very expensive. This month I am going to attend three concerts. One of them by myself, another with my good friend, and the last with my husband as a date. This year I plan to attend more concerts and experience music in person. If I am going to buy a record or cassette, I want it to be at the shows. I want it to be a souvenir of the experience. 

The last part I thought about today was what expenses can I cut? The first thing that came to mind was food and eating out. Mosts of the time when I eat food, it’s on the go or to-go. Very rarely do we eat at the restaurants, we just don’t have the time or want to deal with the people. I thought to myself I need to spend more time meal prepping and cooking at home. Going back to previous post I still have to replace my microwave and with that I am going to be getting a double oven again. 

When I lived in my condo in Florida I upgraded all of my kitchen which lead me to a super healthy life style. It might not seem like it would make a big deal but having two different ovens with the ability to cool at different temperatures and easy to clean stove top makes a huge freaking difference. A nice dishwasher and fridge also does wonders.I plan to upgrade the kitchen appliances which will be a long term investment for my heath and home. I hope that with the upgrade I can go back to the lifestyle I lived previous where I was super into fit-fam mode with meal prep and working out. One step at a time. I will be going to my yoga class tomorrow morning.