How can you help other musicians?

3 Things I Pondered: 

  1. What can you learn from Nipsey Hussle sale of $100 CDs?
  2. How can you help other musicians? 
  3. Are my previous cassettes mixtapes or albums? 

Today I was talking to my manager about Nipsey. We’ve talked about him for a while and specifically he was telling me about how he created 1000 CDs that he called mixtapes and sold them for $100 each. One of the biggest buyers was Jay-Z who bought 100 of them. This got my wheels turning a lot today. Apparently it was inspired from the concept of somebody charging $100 for a Philly Sandwich. 

For a hot min I thought about putting up a raw unediting mixtape of tracks set to go on Secret Vinyl Club soundtrack but I decided against it. It’s too raw and would devalue the Kickstarter I am working on. Instead I decide to think about it more and see where it would go. 

In the spirit of positivity I decided to check out Twitter and find things with the hashtag #newmusic. It was kind of shocking to see how much good music there was. If I was a record label I would have signed at least 3-5 of the people I just listen to. The ones I genuinely liked I replied and said so. I didn’t reply to everything I saw only ones I thought had something good about them. 

One of the things I thought with this was like if I am putting my music out there some random person saying it’s good would feel good. Not that I care what people thing but it’s nice. It’s a nice thing to be like “Yo, that track is fire”. Or “hey your vocals are great!” On the internet we hide behind a keyboard to insult but what if we did the opposite jump in front of the keyboard and compliment somebody else for their hard work. 

Going back to Nipsey he mentioned that the $100 mixtape was all original music but it wasn’t his album. It was more of a mix of original things he did. There were other tidbits I saw here and there but I really liked the thought of that. I decided that the tapes I have already produced are also mixtapes they aren’t polished albums. They are raw lo-fi mixtapes. 

Today is kind of a short blog post but it’s pretty deep and this is the main surface of it.