What would you talk about in your podcast?

3 Things I Pondered Today 

  1. How can you create podcast easily?
  2. What would you talk about in your podcast? 
  3. Why don’t concerts have more cassette tapes?

Today while listening to my favorite podcast I thought to myself how I should get a podcast going. Multiple people suggested it and recently my podcast kept pushing for people to do podcast. Well, I started a podcast again this time it seemed way easier because I was able to do it without having to worry about uploading it through this app. I’m pretty excited. 

I thought about it and I wanted to do it on cassette tapes. That handle was literally not taken so I jumped on it. The very first episodes is on mixtapes and my experience with them plus knowledge on how people can use it. 

I’m curious as to how many podcasts I can do able cassettes but I can do reviews and a whole bunch of other stuff so I think it will be worth it to focus on that. Plus it goes with my website. 

Today I’m writing this blog post from the Austin 360 Amphitheater and even after reading all the rules they said no gopros which on the website it said you could. Security made us go to a section and this guy pulled us and said hey just enjoy the show and don’t use the video so I’m like forever grateful for that. 

Per usual I went to the merchandise table and they didn’t have any records or even cassettes. How I wished that most of the concerts had cassettes is beyond explainable. So easy and cheap to make.

This post will be short as I am starting to enjoy the event. As I finish there is a saxophone player in front of a red screen that looks almost like an animation. It’s been pretty epic.