Why does new clothing sometimes seem inexpensive?

3 Things I Pondered Today

  1. What do you do when you are a tourist in your own town? 
  2. Why does new clothing sometimes seem inexpensive? 
  3. Why is fashion so disposable? 

I have a friend visiting in town and this will be posted the following day. I took days off of work to enjoy my friend’s company and the city. It is interesting to do things that you wouldn’t normally do in your own town. 

Thinking back I went to The Domain which is a more upscale version of a downtown and then 6th Street which is the “downtown” of Austin. The thing about the two it’s completely different sides of the spectrum. At The Domain you walk down the street and pass Tiffany’s, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Apple and even an Tesla shop. When you past 6th Street you see a ton of homeless people partially because of the homeless shelter down the street and a bunch of drunk people riding scooters.

There are times I visit the 6th Street area and typically it’s for concerts. I prefer to go to The Domain if given the option between the two. Downtown parking is pretty horrible and you spend $10 plus just to park for a couple hours. I really with there were more concert venues in Austin that were North. This way there would be ample amount of parking for smaller indie bands to play at dive bars. 

While at The Domain we stopped at three clothing stores, Tommy Bahama, Macy’s, and H&M. The price difference was so enormous. You went to Tommy Bahama literally a couple doors from the other two and the shirts were 10x more expensive. Ironically you can go to the Tommy Bahama outlet and spent about 80% less than what you would at the regular retail store. 

When we went to Macy’s they had similar styled shirts for $17 reduced from the same prices the Tommy Bahama originally sold for. I wonder how they are able to get the prices so low. They must be loosing a ton of money or the mark up must be so very high. Then walking to H&M was even cheaper. You can get a shirt for $5 and sometimes $3. How inexpensive is that compared to a $100 shirt? 

It’s a great question but I will start with this. I bought an H&M shirt and within the first day of wearing it, it ripped off of a small tug. That basically means I got one wear out of the shirt. I will end up having to donate it or use it as a costume. When I got married my husband bought a Tommy Bahama shirt and slacks at the outlet which cost around $100. This was a great price because he has used it for three years often and there isn’t one thing wrong with it. If you divide that $100 by 2 and then by 3 you get around $16. That’s more usage for the money spent. 

The concept of disposable fashion occurred to me. One of the things I did for a while was resell clothing on Poshmark and what I noticed is that the cost of some of these vintage clothing were more expensive than buying something new. The main thing to take into consideration is that the length of time for using the clothing is so much longer that it sometimes makes sense to pay more.