When is it okay to pamper yourself?

3 Things I Pondered Today 

  1. How did patience help you today? 
  2. How does putting your head down to grind help you long term? 
  3. When is it okay to pamper yourself? 

I thought a lot about how I am working on my patience. In the last two days I have sent about four packages to people with the Space Cadette mixtape cassettes. Out of curiosity I looked up how much I originally spent on the cassettes and saw I have made back 70% of the initial duplication and tape purchase. I would say that it’s a good amount so far because I wasn’t expecting to sell out right away. Creating this wasn’t as much for a quick ROI as it was for the long term. 

My patience is helping me in realizing that it’s not going to be instant. Nothing is instant. I am okay with this. I am okay that I haven’t been loosing money because the amount I spent is still coming back in. It’s always a learning experience and I am spending a lot of time focusing on the continued effort to keep moving forward. I know that the work I am putting in now might not show up for 10 years but I know it will show up in one way or another. 

The hustle is strong with me. I spend a lot of time putting my head down to grind which helps a lot in the long haul. When I was in the car with my mom she was telling me how every job I have done that I wanted to success at I have done so. This got me thinking about how a lot of my hard work was not only taught by watching her work hard but it was the concept that I spend a lot of time working very hard. 

At my day job it takes a lot for me to take off and I have only taken off this year during the week with the exception of one day I left early on a Saturday because I was feeling ill. When I think about this I talk to my mom and explained my day. I spend hours at my day job sometimes it’s from 8 AM to 8 PM and I still come hope to spend about 30 mins to 1 hour writing my blog post. This is something I do every single day with the exception of one day where I was distracted by a friend’s visit in town.

Knowing that I had slacked off I did something that I wouldn’t have done without the discipline from my current job. I went and wrote two blog posts instead of one. My personal thought process is to have one car sale a day at my day job. In my creative life it is my tasks to do one blog post. If I don’t sell a car in one day I try to sell two the next. In my creative life I told myself you missed one blog post and now you need to write two. 

I have also made a commitment to myself that I need to find time every single day to write. This  week was a lesson and reminder that I need to make myself a priority. Today my mom is in town and I started to write already to make sure I got this done today. I think the important part is that I am doing what I say I do. 

My favorite story my mom ever told me of my childhood was when I was a little kid sitting in the hotel of a Disney resort I told her that I wanted to be a writer. It wasn’t until recently when she reminded me of this. I always had the ability to write hundreds of words without stopping and the only thing that ever stopped me was my grammar. I remember I had one professor tell me that I was a great writer but my grammar was horrible and I’d never make it. 

I don’t need a professor to tell me what I can and can’t do and this blog post is an example of that. I am sure there are all types of grammatical things that might be wrong however I think the point is getting across and if it isn’t oh well. 

I have spent a lot of time with other people this entire week and I really needed some time to myself so I quickly went to get my nails done. They had been broken and two weeks past due. I think of it more as a hygiene thing. I sometimes feel guilty about getting my nails done because I think about how I could use the money towards something else but there really is a huge relief of getting them done. 

In doing something to treat myself I found that I am able to relax in that time frame and I feel better after. I do not drink or do drugs or any other type of recreational thing so having a chance to pamper myself was okay and it felt good. Shortly after I had to grab my mom and went back to get a pedicure. A much needed pampering. It’s okay to work hard and treat yourself. There is nothing wrong with that. How will you treat yourself today?