Why would somebody wish harm to others?

3 Things I Pondered Today 

  1. Why do you need time off from your time off? 
  2. How long have you been doing this?
  3. Why would somebody wish harm to others?

Today I got back from my personal time off and I felt like I needed more time off to recover for my time off. It really makes me wonder if it’s actually worth taking off from the start. I tend to get a little thrown off when I am not in my routine. Regardless of how late I get home from work I am still actively sitting down and writing as much as I can. 

I worked from noon till 10PM today and have spent the first couple minutes while my food cooks to write this. I feel immediately that I need more time off at the same time I thrive off of the quick pace of work when it is busy. Today it was super busy which I am grateful for.  

A common question I get when I am working is how long have you been doing this? That is always an interesting question to answer and I often think about what prompted them to even ask me. Most of the time they either think I am good at it or are generally curious. As of today I am close to my two year mark. At my current store I have been there the longest and the only one who has worked for more than 2 months. It’s pretty insane how much of a turn over rate there is. 

One of the things I noticed is that I am in it for the long haul. I do not plan on leaving unless a very specific circumstances occur that would result in me changing my path. Most of those would be family related. I really wish that I could make some days go easier than others but the job is challenging enough for me daily that I can work and still feel accomplished. 

At work some women came in saying that she was going to pray for us to be damned and that she is always listened to with her prayers. This immediately made me think of the scene from This Is The End where Joanna Hill’s character wishes evil to another character and is in possessed by a demon. Whatever happened to do onto those as you wish done on to you or the forgiveness factor? Or maybe taking responsibility for your own situation. We create our own realities in some situations. 

The TV Show Good Omens is very good. I watched a lot of it already to the point that I only have one episode left. I do not normally watch TV so for me to finish an entire season in one week is kind of a big deal. It also marks the year since I originally read the book after a recommendation from my friend. It had me thinking with the concept or praying for something evil to happen to somebody which is also touched on in the show. It’s not really the right way to go about things. 

Another thing that was cool was that a customer I helped was super into Star Wars and told me they were more towards the Dark Side. I use to think that people on the Dark Side were pure evil but then I started to look deeper into Star Wars and I feel personally that I am more of a grey jedi one that is in between the light and dark. I could do an entire blog post on that. I thought it was funny because the Dark Side is considered to be bad and evil yet they were a super friendly and empathetic family. They did not call me rebel scum. In the words of the sith code “Peace is a lie. There is only Passion.”