Why are estate sales so interesting?

3 Things I Pondered Today 

  1. Why are estate sales so interesting? 
  2. Why are vinyl records getting so popular? 
  3. When will cassettes catch up? 

Today I was searching for garage sales and ended up going to estate sales. The estate sales are typically more expensive but the stuff you get is usually higher quality. I do enjoy looking around people’s homes too. There were three estate sales I went to today. One of them was a home that had a few different things and I went into the kitchen and saw there was a pinni press. Typically I am hesitant about buying kitchen things however the place was super clean and the press was barely used. 

It was listed at $75 and since it was the last day of the sale it was of course 50% off. I did a quick search on eBay and Amazon and saw that it was $350. I was like wow why would it be that expensive? I kept wanting a press but never had the urge to get it until I saw this one. It was calling to me so I bought it. I’m going to have some people over and will likely have a build your own sandwich section. 

When I go to estate sales I typically look for records and cassettes. These days all of those are not as often found. I saw some cassettes today but they were really nothing I was interested in. I also appreciate the fact that I value my space and will not frivolously buy music as I once did. I find that the cassettes are a lot cleaner than the vinyl records which can collect dust and mold depending on where they come from. 

I noticed that vinyl records are getting more and more popular. I really don’t understand why. I feel like literally 6 years ago everybody thought I was a weirdo for collecting them and now it’s a normal every day occurrence. I sit there and think to myself what caused this to get so popular? I will never know the answer why it just seems like a thing everybody is into now. I have my own reasons which I will continue to sit with. 

Eventually cassettes will catch on more than they are now. They might not get to the level of vinyl records but in reality they never were. Even at their most popular moment. I think as musicians struggle to set themselves apart from the others they will recognize that tape is a way to do self releases and eventually do so. It will be a huge turning point when more and more musicians start to create content for tape.