How is your failure a good thing?

3 Things I Pondered Today: 

  1. How is your failure a good thing?
  2. What is the point of working hard if it’s not noticed or appreciated?
  3. Should you start to create content documenting your skills in addition to your hobby? 

Today I did something I didn’t think I wanted to do but it felt good to do it. I explained my failure. Secret Vinyl Club so far is a failure. It stung for a minute but I am over it. I’ve had some interest in it but as of the end of the Kickstarter I will be putting it on the shelf for a while. Not sure when it will come back but it’s clear that it’s not ready for the market or perhaps is not marketable. None the less I am grateful for having the courage to put myself out there. I am so happy that I had 8 people back me up to 7%. It meant the world to me to know that the die hard supporters were there for the long haul and saw something when nobody else did. Those are the people I do this for. 

Although the Secret Vinyl Club was a failure the one thing that has been very successful is my mixtape releases on cassette tape. How funny is it that the less popular medium is blowing up? I am so grateful for the other tape heads who are enjoying my content and consuming it. I will continue to experiment and play with music through tapes and that has brought me so much joy that I am excited to see what the future holds with it. 

While at work today I washed two cars by myself in 90-100 degree weather. I did it so that my customers would be appreciative. We do not have a cleaning service so when a car needs to be cleaned I have to do it. This is in addition to all of my other tasks I do. I use to be upset about having to clean cars until I talk to a paramedic who also cleaned the fire trucks and knew I was in no position to be complaining. 

I am grateful that I get paid a decent amount and although at other dealerships sales people do not need to clean mine makes me so I do so. I scrubbed a car today and did everything I could to show it a nice and clean for my customer and they said to me are you going to clean it? I thought to myself how rude, I just cleaned this. Then it occurred to me that people are so ungrateful. 

Instead of thanking me for cleaning their car they demanded more. It taught me something that was very important and I am grateful for the lesson. The lesson was that it’s important to be humble. The humble part is not only for what you have it’s for how you treat others. Instead of being grateful that I went the extra mile he was complaining. It was not humble or empathetic in any way. There are certain situations that leave me with a sour taste in my mouth and that was one of them. The point of me working hard isn’t for his appreciate it’s for knowing myself that I gave it 110%. My own self appreciation is what matters and my gratitude for the humble ability I show towards others in similar situations. 

Today I was listening to my podcast and started to think about the concept of creating content for my professional career. I thought about documenting my skills through a podcast specifically for sales to help others learn about it. I’m not sure how I will go about it but I might just jump into it and try it out. Today I found out I was in the top 5 in my conference for year to date performance. I was so happy to see that. I try so hard to do well and seeing my name as the top 5 was pretty stellar. That is for the entire year, not just a month. Steady wins the race.