What can you do to relax?

3 Things I Pondered Today

  1. Why do people try to get things they can’t afford? 
  2. How does being in the top 5 power players of you conference at work help you realize the big picture? 
  3. What can you do today to relax? 

I sometimes wonder why people get into loans they can’t afford. I often see people who trade in cars that are paid off and working perfectly fine to get into expensive cars that cost more money than they are worth. It seems unusual to me however I have always grown up using a car until it no longer works. A lot of people get things they can’t afford to impress other people. 

It’s a sad but true situation they attempt to make themselves look better by purchasing things that show off to others. My current car I purchased because my lease was up and I needed a car to get around, get groceries, and such. I didn’t buy it because I wanted an upgrade. I bought it because I needed it. It still confuses me how people trade in their cars when they don’t need to. Their cars are working fine. 

Today I got an email saying that I was in the top 5 power players for my conference. I thought to myself how awesome. Recently my managers have been helping the new people out by putting a ton of deals under their name. I have been required to split deals that shouldn’t be in order to make them look good by having a new person look good that they hired. It’s an ego thing. This isn’t the first time it’s happened and frankly I don’t care anymore. I still get my share of funds and I am still a top player in the game. 

When I noticed I was in the top 5 I was super excited. It wasn’t a top 5 for the month or week it was for the entire year to date. I am a top 5 player of around 200 employees. My salary this year because of my awesome job selling is similar to that of a manager. There are some sales people that make more than managers because they are that good at selling. It’s often times less stress than what a manager has to go through. 

This news today helped me realize the big picture which is that my job is a marathon. Each month you are born and die in the same month and it starts over but overall you are in a marathon. I am the only person left standing in my dealership. Everybody else has been there for less than three months. It is pretty stellar to realize that because of the high turn over the people who are there the longest end up making the most because of the amount of leads they have ownership of. I am proud to say I am a top player and super proud of how I am able to keep on running in the marathon while still pursuing my dreams and passions outside of work. 

With all the hard work I have been doing I am excited to say I have two days off from work back to back with having to have any guest over. We might have people over for 4th of July but it’s more of a relaxing time frame than something high maintenance. I am looking forward to being able to spend some time working on my projects and finishing up my mixtapes. Now I need to find out what I can do to relax. Hopefully tomorrow I will write about all the relaxing I did.