Why was it easier to make friends as a kid?

3 Things I Pondered Today

  1. Why was it easier to make friends as a kid? 
  2. Why are most of your friends online?
  3. What progress did you make today? 

There was a funny post on this subreddit I look at where it shows old people’s post on Facebook and other social media things. I laughed when I saw it but this old guy asked this women if he could be her friend. She said no, I do not become friends with strangers and I am married. He replied back that he didn’t mean to offend her and it shortly after my husband explained that when he was a camp councilor he’d watch friendships start all the time. Typically friendships in first grade start with something simple like two little people waiting in line for ice cream. One little kid turns to the other and says hi want to be friends, the other person agrees and a friendship is created. How magical is it that two little kids can just become best friends by simply asking. 

I thought about it recently as I am hosting a party tomorrow that I had no idea who to invite. I frankly don’t have many friends in Austin. I kept thinking to myself how many friends I had as a kid and that a lot of my friends from high school I periodically talk to and it hit me the older we get the harder it is to make friends. I think it also might be during a certain time frame. I’ve seen some older ladies who travel a lot have a ton of friends but a lot of it is because it’s different environments. I know a lot of the friends I have are typically from work but at my job it’s not really a place to make friends outside of the dealership. There’s a lot of competition and it’s just weird sometimes. 

I would say I have a lot of friends they just aren’t in Austin. A lot of them are online friends. My friends in other countries know more about what’s going on with me than my coworkers do or even the few friends I have in town. I also thought about how my friends from online are there because we have a lot of similar interest. I know a bunch of people online I met through the music community. Some of them are in person as well but it’s mostly online. It was an interesting thing to notice today and it made me smile for a bit. I also didn’t really invite anybody to my party tomorrow it’s mostly my husband’s friends. Which is fine. I’ll just wonder off and continue to work on my mixtapes. 

I did think about making friends online and how lately with focusing on cassette tapes I’ve been more focused and able to create more. There were a lot of other people super into cassettes so it’s been fascinating to find others into it as I am. Once in a while I find other people and I wonder how they stumbled back into it. Once I find somebody who is also into cassette tapes it’s almost like the kids in line for ice cream. I turn to the other tape cassette collector and think, hey want to be friends? Maybe our friendships are different because the internet allows us to be so open with our networks. 

Today I made a city mixtape for sounds in Austin that was called ATX in the Mix. It was another concept mixtape where I take sounds from locations or things in Austin and mix them in with loops and beats. I find it super fun to do this. It’s like I take a concept or sound inspiration and make it into a new project. 

ATX in the Mix was the first “city” in America of mixtapes I am doing. I have a couple ideas for other ones. My next one will be on my next trip in Austin. I think I am going to start to record the sound myself as well as use ones that are already recorded. This one will be released on cassette store day, possibly in addition to Goops and Airplane sounds. All in all it was good progress. I also had the opportunity to talk to somebody who listened to my podcast and see what they wanted me to talk about which was cool. I love hearing what people want to hear when it’s on a subject I love.