Why is it easier to fold laundry while listening to a podcast?

3 Things I Pondered Today:

  1. Why are you so tired?
  2. How did you connect the dots today?
  3. Why is it easier to fold laundry while listening to a podcast?

Some days I end up being super exhausted and I am not sure why but those are usually the best days productivity wise. I really wanted to go to sleep right now as I am writing this but instead I am in bed writing it from my phone. I’m sure there are all types of typos however if you have been reading the for a while you’ll know that grammar is not my strong point. I love to write but the actual thing I love is story telling and explaining things.

Today I had a moment when somebody pointed out to me that my tape label which is similar to a record label is literally called tape cassettes. I thought how hilarious is it that the name of my label is the name of the form of media it’s recorded to. My website is the same name. I certainly lucked out to say the least. It felt a little meta as well. The whole you like this thing and then you make a thing but that thing is the same name of what it actually is. I imagine this is a simple version of a stamps.com selling stamps. That’s how it felt today.

I have been spending a lot of time listening to podcast while doing mundane tasks like folding laundry or driving. I find that this is a huge way to be productive while being productive. It’s very good to have a great time intellectually while doing the things I sometimes dread. It also makes me more motivated for my own podcast because I really want to make something others can do the same with. Over all I am happy for this day it’s been good. I am tired and will sleep now.