How the heck are you going to do 100 pieces of content a day?

3 Things I Pondered Today

  1. How the heck are you going to do 100 pieces of content a day? 
  2. What new music from other people can you share today? 
  3. Why do you feel honored that people give their time to consume your content? 

Well, after weeks of hearing Gary Vanyerchuk cram down that we should be posting 100 pieces of content a day I am going all in. I started a bullet journal where I literally color in my tasks of the day. This will at least get me into the habit of doing it and I am working hard towards getting it done. At the time I am writing this I have 67 left to go. I am at the point of literally writing tweets of each song I am listening to that I like. It is so hard, yet obvious that it will work because not a lot of people are doing it and there’s a reason. It’s not easy to do at all. 

With that being said I figured the tweets of other good music will be helpful because I am sharing other people’s work. It’s good to share other’s work because it helps them. Also the music I am tweeting about is good. Not everything I listen to gets a tweet. Just the good stuff. I also imagine how I feel when somebody shouts me out it makes me feel amazing. I want to help other people feel amazing about how great their work is. 

As of the past couple days I found out there is a huge market for the podcast I am creating. Nothing like it exists right now. It’s because it’s hard as well. The topic is very niche and most people aren’t bothered by it but I think there is something spectacular about it and I am going full hand into it. I came to the realization that I feel honored that people give their time to me by consuming my content. In gratitude I want to make sure I create the best content I can which is authentic. 

One of the request was about decks and I honestly am not the best at knowing what type of gear to buy. Most of the time I buy stuff because it fits my budget. If I had an endless amount of money I would buy a specific deck that I only found out about while research but everything about that deck had me all giddy. I guess everybody has a thing they like. My friend showed me his dream deck and it looked like a space ship. All types of nobs and buttons. How cool is that? 

Also an ironic thing is when I typed out the sentence on my Instagram “I feel honored that people give their time to consume my content.” I sneezed which has been said in some superstitions that the thing said prior to that sneeze is truthful. I am super grateful for people wanting to consume my content. I almost feel guilty charging people for my tapes because it’s like I just want people to be happy and enjoy it. I charge because it does cost money to make it but I try to keep it as low as possible so more people can enjoy.