Hi, I’m back.

It has been a while since I have written a blog post of my own. I’m not sure why I had stopped I think it might have been a few different things and the possibility of going through some personal life challenges that may have impacted it. I’m going to commit to writing 1 post per week so that I can review some things and keep everybody posted. 

Here are three things I want to discuss this week: 

  1. I am working on a Grimm’s Fairy Tale Mixtape that I have already started. The stories themselves are in the public domain and I use Librivox recordings to create the mixtapes. There is something soothing about listening to music while at the same time listening to a story. I am very grateful for these recordings as they provide me a ton of creative resources.
  1. I have been exactly 1 month of focusing my energy in getting back into FitFam lifestyle. I have lost around 6.5 pounds since starting again. I am also happy to express that my back pain mostly went away after physical therapy. I was able to walk several miles while on a trip to universal without issues for which I am very grateful. 
  1. This year I started two businesses one for real estate and business consultation the other for online sales of digital and physical things via Poshmark and Bandcamp as well as other streaming and digital platforms. It has been a very challenging process to keep up with but I am glad we finally legalized the businesses to help in separating assets. 

I believe that in the future I might be going more into resources of how I work and process my day. I also started using my YouTube again some more which I’m grateful to have almost a hundred followers on there. As usual my Instagram and Twitter have a over a thousand and my Poshmark is at close to 100k. I am very thankful for all of the support over the years and will continue to provide content for all. 

PS: I go by bea1of1 now. Iamjacquelin had a lot of people using that name and handle even though I was the one who original created it. I have come up with something “new” to stand out more in searches and such. Thank you for your support.