End of the Year

Today is the last day of the year and I have a lot I can reflect on. We like to keep it short in 3s so here are the three of the week. 1. Reorganized my record collect on my birthday 2. Revisiting films and filmmaking 3. Popcorn is the ultimate snack 

  1. I had a birthday recently and it was a very chill one to say the least. Of all the things I could do the only thing that I felt connected and wanting to do is to reorganize my record collection and clean up. I had this idea of just purging all the records that no longer serve me to make room for ones I want to listen to and organized my records based on what I listen to verse alphabetical which in all honestly doesn’t help my when looking. So I have the collection now set up in it’s own way with my bins containing the ones I play most often and then one bin itself for soundtracks which I have a ton of. I am very happy with how it turned out even though I wasn’t able to finish the entire thing I did do a huge chunk of it. That lead me to finally opening up my online record shop via Poshmark. I have had a lot of success on Poshmark as a reseller of collectables and wanted to set up my own section for music labeled TapeCassettesOG as it is on all other platforms as well. I did have to request permission from Posh which they were kind enough to grant so I could have this second account. Right now there is only 1 item up for sale. I am going to add 1 a day and drip feed it vs having everything up all at once. 
  1. I have been writing a ton outside of what is posted online. I did a lot of prayer and meditation to realize that I am spending way too much time on Social Media which consumes my writing energy. Since I cut out a lot of it I have been able to write close to 20-30 pages of a screenplay. I stopped writing the screen play and took a step back while realizing I don’t even watch films anymore. I need to get back into that if I plan to get back into filmmaking. It’s like a huge relief to feel the urge to watch films again. It’s like my trauma from living and moving out to Hollywood has finally come to an end and there was a great shift of energy and forgiveness to those that hurt or put me down in the process of me trying to pursue my dreams. I started watching films again. The first film I watched this week was When Harry Met Sally. Which is such a well done film. It’s mostly dialogue and not a lot of intense or expensive writing which nowadays seems to be common. I plan to watch more films tonight’s film will be Knives Out mystery Glass Onion. 
  1. Speaking of films and movies I can’t go to a film without popcorn it’s very difficult for me to not eat popcorn and watch a film. I have a movie theater style popcorn machine in my home which has the entire living room smelling like a movie theater with surround sound and such it makes for a truly enjoyable moment. 

That’s all wishing you a happy 2023!