An Update 3 Things I’m Focused On

What’s happening?

Lately, I have been spending my time focused on my Poshmark reselling. It has been a pretty successful month back at it. I’m finding myself having a lot of sales of things I have collected over the last year or so plus, additional higher-end dresses and such recently collected.

My projects are currently on pause. I found it overwhelming to be working full time, doing Poshmark, and also a bunch of projects on top of that. I’m limiting myself to only 3 things which are Film3, Poshmark, and my day job.

Speaking of Film3 next month I will be visiting Los Angeles for the Film3 Summit part of the Squad which I am the community manager. I plan to go thrifting while I am there, I will also visit Super Nintendo World in addition to the film events. I look forward to my adventures and am both excited and nervous because it has been a very long time since I lived in Los Angeles as an intern.

Sometimes I feel a little lost in the world and that I am not exactly sure what I am doing while other times I feel as though I have everything figured out. I hope that my excitment for things does not wear out. I hope that I can continue to make strides and such. I apperciate all of the support I have received in my creative life from the music fans to the film community that has allowed me to join them. I am grateful.